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AS Transmix is Estonia-based company operating in the field of international transportation. The company was founded in Tartu, in 1996. The main activities of the company include road transport both with tent and refrigeration trailers.

AS Transmix continues to develop daily, our keywords are efficiency and good service quality. In order to raise the quality of the service, it is important for us to train our employees in theoretical as well as practical matters, so as to create favourable grounds for synergy.
We know how important are the competency of the professionals, good service quality, facilitated organization and good operational skills for the customers in organizing their everyday transportation and logistic processes.
Therefore the best solution comes in the long-term co-operation of the logistics staff and the customer, where the customer gives information to the transporting company in such way that it provides the servicing company the maximum possible help. This method allows us also to find out both the working style and the needs of the customer, which form the basis for successful customer service.


The competitive edge of the logistical staff and drivers of AS Transmix is their high motivation, competence and high working ability. The service offered to the customers is reliable, firm and flexible. Co-ordination with the partners and solving problems on time and fast forms an important part of the service; therefore we try to learn the values of our customers and provide them with necessary logistic solutions.
Our experience shows that customers prefer long-term co-operation. After using the service for the first time and being pleased with it, they are ready to form a long-term co-operation with the company.